Cow-Calf Livestock Operation

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For this task of building an management plan around a livestock operation, I chose to build a cow-calf operation that consists of crossbred Angus cattle. The Angus cattle brought in will be bred with Hereford heifers or cows. Hereford cattle are exceptional mothers and are known for great calving ease. This is one area that should not be stressed about come calving season when this is an cow-calf operation. Angus cattle were selected because they are the most desirable when selling for meat quality and overall profit back to the seller. From research many owners have had great outcomes with using this cross of cattle. Yes, still popularly used but still a profitable cross to breed. When breeding these cattle, high fertility Angus bulls will be used. Some of the bulls with be bred to straight Angus cows and heifers, while others will be bred to pure or mixed Hereford cows and heifers. Around 20 bulls will be present in this herd, noting that many head in this herd are of the younger age and not ready to breed. This number of high fertility bulls will ensure that most of the cows should be bred by the time breeding season is coming to an end. Around the time for breeding season to end, all female cattle will be brought in to be preg-checked. If not pregnant, that cow will be separated into a corral and will need to be artificially inseminated. Once all cows have gone through, the females that need to be artificially inseminated will wait until the next day or couple days to
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