Cow Eye Dissection Report

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Cow Eye Dissection Procedures 1.Use your scissors to cut off the pink or white fat/muscle around the cow eye. 2.Then, make a small incision in the sclera parallel to the iris on the side of the cow eye. Clear watery aqueous humor will drip out of the incision. 3.Continue to cut along the incision until the cow eye is cut into two separate pieces. 4.The big flat sphere is the lens. It is cloudy due to the death of the cells. The lens looks like a squashed yellow sphere. Gel-like vitreous humor surrounds the lens. 5.Take out the iris, the black cover with a hole in the middle. Flip the front part of the eye so that a black film cover is showing. Pull the thin film out with your hands and a tweezer. 6.The retina is a thin fleshy
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