Cow Girl Chocolates

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According to the BCG model cow girl chocolate would be considered a dog product. It is a dog product because it has a low share of low- growth market. Usually, these product lines manage to earn what is put into them, breaking-even and maintaining the market share. Generally this unit is largely worthless to the company in terms of earning potential but may afford other benefits to the company such as the creation of jobs as well as synergies that assist other business units. These benefits may be enough for the company to keep this business unit active despite its less than exciting position. However, dogs can negatively affect how investors judge the management of a company and it is suggested that these product lines be sold off. Cow girl chocolate would not be considered a cash cow product. The product lines that fall within this category enjoy a large share of the market in a slow-growing industry. This means that they are able to generate revenues in greater amounts than the…show more content…
This is where most businesses will start from and at this point the business unit has the potential to grow market share and turn into a star or lose further marker share and turn into dogs when the growth of the market itself declines. Careful study and analysis is required for business units in this category to assess their potential and worth. If any potential is seen then further investment can be made into them.

The natural cycle for most products in that they begin their life as question marks and turn into stars as their position clarifies. When the market growth slows down, they turn into cash cows and at the end of the cycle, the cash cow turns into a dog. According to the Boston Consulting Group, a diversified company with a balanced portfolio is in the ideal position to use its strengths to capitalize on its growth opportunities and potential. A balanced portfolio is one which
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