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Cowgirl Creamery makes high-quality organic and artisanal cheeses. The company both makes its own and sells other imported and domestic cheeses. Cowgirl Creamery was established by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, Peggy and Sue are devoted to promoting local farmers, artisan cheese-makers, and other local businesses. In the video we could see that the company had a lot of success in the past but at the present time the company has some problems. The company has concerns with sales, government regulations, company’s rapid growth and wages and benefits are being frozen. In the meantime cowgirl creamery needs another product strategy to make the situation better.
Product quality can make a product better which can increase the price and could
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This strategy may have its downside like old customers may not be satisfied with their new pricing strategy. The branding and packaging need a lot of time and the good reputation does not come so fast, so there may be a sales fall in the short run and a risk as well. The second strategy is product growth which is finding alternative market rather than US, and they can enjoy a product growth in satisfying overseas customers. As the federal government has too many regulations to restrict cheese product, it is better to find somewhere that has less regulations in the world. For example, in France there is a long tradition for people to eat fresh cheese. Cowgirl cheese could choose this kind of market to explore and widen their market. Product management for a successful product life cycle I think it’s a great product strategy that can be used. Product management is a middle level management function that can be used to manage a products life cycle and enables a company to take all the decisions needed during each phase of a product’s life cycle. The moment of introduction and of Withdrawal of a product is defined by the use of product management. To improve a product success during each of its phase of its life cycle (development - introduction – growth – maturity – decline), a product management must uphold the following three fundamentals. Understand how product management works: When responsible for a given new
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