Cowboys And The Wild West : Cowboys And The Wild West

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Cowboys and the wild west. Growing up in Texas and such. Growing up on a ranch, this was my grandfather life, and this would explain a lot about who he was as a person. He loved his cowboy movies and always told us his crazy childhood stories of him wanting to be like those cowboys he saw. My grandpa was our cowboy and always will be. In all his old pictures, there he was all dressed up in a typical cowboy outfit. His cowboy hat and boots. That is all he wore too! Never did I ever see him wear anything other than a pair of Levis and a button up shirt with his favorite pair of boots.
As a child I would get out of our black Envoy in a rush to greet him at the door. The gravel underneath my feet kicking as I screamed out grandma and grandpa. He always had this strong stature to him giving me the biggest and warmest hug imaginable. Now this time I was walking to the door. A door that loomed out in front of me. I didn’t want to walk in this time. I knew the time had come to let go. These past few months of 2015 had been anything but fun. The month is October and summer has come and gone and all that is left are the brown leaves scattered all around the graveled drive way. I had driven myself to his house with the car he helped me purchase. The crunch of the leaves makes me sick and I can’t bear to look beyond the faces as I walk inside. At this point in my life I’m considered to be the black sheep of the family. My uncles and aunts all stare as if I shouldn’t belong, all but
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