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Cowgirl Chocolates Analysis Cowgirl chocolates are the design of Marilyn Lysohir and her husband, Ross Coates in 1997. Marilyn is a ceramicist and lecturer who is internationally known and has a successful ceramic art business. Ross is a sculptor and a professor of fine arts at a nearby University. As a labor of love, Marilyn and Ross began publishing a once-a-year arts magazine called High Ground. More a multimedia product than a magazine, the 600-copy production of this product does not pay for itself, so Marilyn and Ross have continually sought other ways to provide income to cover the costs of production for High Ground. Cowgirl Chocolates began as one of those ways. “Cowgirl Chocolates” offer three types of products; chocolate…show more content…
It is also at this point that I do become critical of Marilyn and how she utilizes outside help. The fact of the matter is that she does not embrace some much needed professional business help. She could have turned to the SBA which as been around since 1953 and they have a wealth of experience and advice for her. Marilyn even said herself that she was not a finance savvy person. Both Marilyn and her husband are passionate about cowgirl chocolates because they want it to supplement their one-issue-a-year magazine, which, considering the lack of success that they have seen may not be feasible. The central issue ad hand here is how to cut unnecessary costs to promote Cowgirl Chocolates more effectively? When asked to describe what the appropriate stage of the entrepreneurial process for this situation is a tricky one. First I would debate that Cowgirl Chocolates is not a successful business idea which would put Cowgirl Chocolates barely at step 2. One could also look at this situation and say that Marilyn would be at step 4 of the entrepreneurial process because she is currently managing her entrepreneurial firm no matter how poorly she still has a physical firm that she is conducting business through it. Alternative strategy: Marilyn could spend more money on improving her website so that it functions more effectively and brings in more business. The pros are that the new web design would give a fresh and

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