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Marketing Fundamentals Cowgirl Creamery Product Strategies Cowgirl Creamery is an artisan cheese producer offering locally grown, organic specialty cheeses. Cowgirl Cheese is a mid-size business with three retail stores where the left over portions of wholesale products sold are offered to the public. The majority of the products Cowgirl Creamery creates are sold to restaurants and other retail or grocery stores. Like many businesses, Cowgirl Creamery has felt the effects of the economic recession and is beginning to experience reduced growth. Cowgirl Creamery and its specialty cheeses have reached the maturity stage of the product life cycle. To remain a viable business, Cowgirl Creamery faces several difficult decisions to make. A…show more content…
Another option for Cowgirl Creamery is to launch a new brand of cheeses dedicated to another market. This strategy would likely see the biggest return at the grocery stores and other retailers that they sell to. The products that Cowgirl Creamery currently produces are sold to a very specific segment of consumers, cheese connoisseurs. By launching a product more geared toward the average shopper rather than the specialty consumer, Cowgirl Creamery could greatly increase the consumption of their products. The drawback to this option requires cost cutting in other areas to develop a new products because Cowgirl Creamery currently cannot secure bank loans. Cutting segments of their product line to make this an option could sway some consumers to Cowgirl Creamery’s competitors. Closing their own retail stores would also provide additional revenue, although, it may also reduce the products relevance in the market without their own retail store. Even if launching a new brand was affordable, this strategy would also require a supplemental strategy to increase the likelihood of success. In addition to launching a new brand, this approach should be combined with including new features to maximize the success of a new brand. In order to expand into new market segments and increase sales, Cowgirl Creamery may consider including new

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