Coworker Case Study

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After 16 years or so working in collection agency, my coworker is tired and she finds that part of her personal principles are given no value because management does not conform with the bigger picture. She has never felt like she has fitted. I have seen her in tears with frustration at times because she can't simply do what she is told without questioning the decisions. She is not a troublemaker or an arrogant person, but does not see the point of doing something valueless. The only issue is that she has absolutely no idea what she wants to do and feels trapped by the nice salary. She has been told that she is too emotional and should just get on with it. She recognizes she needs to take charge but she has no idea where to even start. She questions if she is being too naive to want more for herself. Due to short staff she is doing the job of 2 people. She agreed to it knowing it would be temporary and it would give her an opportunity to stand out and be noticed by going above and beyond. Temporary turned into 8 months and instead of getting noticed for going the extra mile she was starting to get in trouble for not meeting goals and deadlines. Review times came around and she…show more content…
She feels like her career has come to a standstill, feeling that an everyday task is a burden, not an achievement. There is no appreciation or acknowledgement for her work. Management has not given her the bonus that she deserved and her thoughts and contributions are not valued. Her individual mechanism which was stress reflected psychologically by the demands of the job. This mechanism is critical to job performance and the organizational commitment. Her personality and cultural values also affected the way she behaved at work. I believe her motivation to the job has diminished. The trust, justice, and the ethics of the job have reflected in what she feels in the
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