Cowspiracy : The Sustainability Secret

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Director, producer and now renown environmentalist, Kip Anderson, in his 2014 documentary, “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret,” portrays the issues of the CFAO (confined animal feeding operations). Anderson is seen bringing out these issues to the attention of many environmental groups throughout the United States. According to the film, animal agriculture is at fault for the current devastation of the environment and also Global warming. The film gives prominence to what many experts on his on his side of the spectrum have to say. Anderson uses many peer-reviewed articles and reports to back up his and the expert claims. Through interviews, Anderson’s film gives voice to multiple environmental groups trying to address the challenge of global climate change and points out that they ignore the massive impact that animal protein contributes to the cause they attempt to address. Anderson 's purpose of the film is to convey any audience, who is interested in making a difference in the environment, to take a moment to take a moment to consider the impact that a primarily flesh-based diet has on the environment. And to make people realize that what they are choosing to eat is not sustainable for the planet. Ultimately, Anderson 's purpose of the film is to establish the notion that raising cattle is not sustainable for the planet. He also wishes to expose the environmental group who he discovers, exists for the wrong reasons. In this paper, I will be exhibiting how Anderson
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