Essay on Cox's Container Company (CCC)

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In the modern constant changes business environment, company needs to change constantly to remain competitive in the market. If not, the company will be facing survival risk. There are no mercy and exception for Cox’s Container Company (‘CCC’). CCC faced increasing competitions over the past 5 years and profits are in declining trends due to reduce in margins. Harold Cox was clueless on how to rectify the problems. He has delegated the task to Erica Wilson to review CCC’s operations and oversee organization changes. Under her control and management, new central administration department was formed to implement budgeting system and company-wide information system. First time in the history of CCC, Wilson recruited external…show more content…
As Aziz being the manager of production department and ethnic minorities relying much on Aziz to safeguard their interests and benefits. This dependent

relationship created Aziz as transactional leader. A leader who treats relationships with followers in terms of an exchange, giving followers (ethnic minorities), what they want
(safeguard their interest and benefits) in return for what the leader desires (Aziz had easily established his identity and enjoying autonomy within the production department) following prescribed tasks to pursue established goals. Indirectly, Aziz has the capability to influence his staffs's behaviour and contribute to mutual need satisfaction. In the other hand, in the opinion of Aziz, there are informal group being formed under John Straw to run the whole company on his own interest without knowing the complexities of production which was a formal group created consciously by management to carry out a specific task (implementing new system) and accomplish CCC's goal (improve CCC's operations). According to Homans
(1951 cited in Huczynski and Buchanan, 2013), informal group formed according to their self-interest which may not work together to achieve the common goal.
As Wilson was given the authority to make changes to CCC's operations. She has her own
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