Coxswain Leadership Qualities

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“Come on, you can do it! You’re not trying hard enough, pull harder!” These are the words of a born leader, or so I thought.
At age ten, I signed up for my first rowing camp ready to step in a boat and row. Since I am the youngest in my family, I was always looked down upon as the “baby”. I was looking for an opportunity to be seen as a leader on the team. Given my height deficit, currently standing at a massive five feet and one inch, my coach decided I fit the criteria to be a coxswain. Finally I would get the opportunity to be in control. I raced for the first time when I was twelve years old, while disappointed with my boat’s loss, I remember the pride I felt for cheering on my boat and correcting all the girls’ mistakes.
After a couple of seasons elapsed, I became frustrated, I was positive my talent as a coxswain wasn’t being appreciated on the girls’ team. I thought my trouble surely had to do with the team and not me that I wasn’t finding success as a leader, so I
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Thankfully I had a coach who helped me recognize my problems, and began to teach me qualities that were more important than being able to steer straight and what technical and motivational calls to make during a race or practice. I soon came to find out that the team’s success actually had everything to do with me, not as a boss but as a captain. He taught me the most important lessons I have learned in my life, what it really means to be a leader. He showed me how to sharpen my skills of accountability, how to learn from my mistakes, and how to gain the trust and respect of others. Eager to learn how to attain these qualities, I went to the boathouse every day where I endured long practices focusing solely on how to improve myself, and stayed after practice and met with my coach to discuss what it takes to be a varsity coxswain. Having these lessons, I found myself becoming more
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