Coyotito Alternate Ending

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Kino looked out of the cave in thought. He could hear the sound of the pear and danger ringing in his ear. When he turned he saw Juana singing a soft family song to Coyotito. His gaze softened and he stepped towards Juana. Juana felt her husband's gaze on her and Coyotito and didn’t look up until, he came stalking towards her. She suddenly felt this feeling of uneasiness and dread, like she was the pray Kino was after. Even before he could say anything, she knew what he was going to do. Kino handed Juana the pearl and laid his hand gently on Coyotito’s head. This is for our son. He thought calmly and then lets go of his son. He then gently places his forehead against Juana and stayed still for a bit. They stayed like that, until finally Kino
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