Cpim Bscm Dc Practice Exam Mod 1 Form a

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CPIM BSCM DC Practice Exam Mod 1 Form A

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Part 1: Business-wide Concepts
1) Many different end items are made from a small number of components. What manufacturing environment would this be? a) Make-to-stock b) Make-to-order c) Assemble-to-order d) Engineer-to-order 2) A company is beginning a project to implement a Six Sigma program. If the company is going to be successful, which of the following is most necessary? a) Six sigma black belt b) CEO support c) Statistics training d) CPIM certified managers 3) In a lean manufacturing environment, which of the following would be considered waste? a) Set up b) Queue time c) Operation time making saleable parts d) Process charting 4) The key component to
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b) vendor managed inventory. c) quality at the source. d) ISO certified parts. 18) Which of the following are objectives of inventory? I. Maximize customer service II. Efficient transaction III. Low cost plant operations IV. Minimum inventory investment a) I, II, and III b) I, III, and IV c) I, II, and IV d) II, III, and IV 19) The Just-in-Time philosophy can be best defined as: a) Delivering goods just before they are needed b) Fulfilling customer orders just as they are needed c) Manufacturing without inventory d) Elimination of waste
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CPIM BSCM DC Practice Exam Mod 1 Form A

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20) Each month end (or other fiscal pattern depending on the company), a company 's financial resource will produce a set of financial statements. The financial statements provide an understanding of the company 's financial status at the end of the given period. Which of the following is not a monthly financial statement? a) Statement of cash flow b) Income statement c) Balance sheet d) Statement of inventory position 21) A company 's strategic plan: a) provides the manufacturing plan for families of end items. b) outlines the sales plan for the next year. c) is a statement of goals and objectives for a long range period. d) outlines new products for the next year. 22) Which of the following manufactured product types are best suited for flow manufacturing? a) Wide range of disparate products b) Limited

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