Cradle Vs PET Bottles

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According journalist Eric Goldschein, the United States drank 9 billion gallons of water in 2008 (Business Insider). Therefore, in order to prevent access waste and build up of plastic from the water bottles, many different varieties of reusable water bottles on the market today advertise the message of an eco-friendly product. This message, however, can be easily adulterated and twisted in the manufacturer’s favor for simply business purposes, thus promoting bottles that have only the perk of being used many times before they are eventually discarded, ultimately falsifying the term “reusable”. When compared to the message of perpetual reusability, as well as the “five steps to eco-effectiveness,” put forth in the book Cradle to Cradle…show more content…
Unfortunately, the negative effects posed by the bottles far outweigh the positives. If PET bottles are thrown away and made into a landfill instead of being recycled properly, it can take up to one thousand years for a bottle to fully disintegrate, thus leaving 3 billion pounds of plastic to sit and to potentially harm the wildlife or the geology of the area. The century of deterioration allows plenty of time for animals to accidentally ingest the bottle, or for the chemicals within the plastic to leach out into our own water sources. Furthermore, recycled pellets and fresh oil are two further ingredients which go into the manufacture of plastic bottles, using and wasting millions of barrels of oil a…show more content…
Although reusable plastics are more resistant to the factors that cause this limitation, it does not mean plastic products fall prey to off gassing. Factors such as sun exposure, microwave radiation, and the heat from being washed in a dishwasher all help contribute to plastic off gassing. Some BPA-free reusable bottles have even been found to contain and release estrogen-like synthetics that are even more harmful than the ever feared BPA. Reusable bottles also have a mechanical flaw: structure. Despite their impact resistant guarantee, if they hit a surface hard enough they can, and will crack. Obviously if the bottle gains a major structural flaw such as a crack it is going to be thrown away by the owner and find itself in a landfill amongst its PET cousins, free to leak its chemicals into the surrounding environment.
Bottle manufacturers should stop using plastic in general. Plastic bottles, especially PET plastic bottles, have a nasty tendency to off gas, thus releasing dangerous chemicals into the users drink. These chemicals rage from antimony to phthalates, as well as other endocrine disrupters and synthetic estrogens. This leaching of harmful chemicals is the cause of the plastic bottles popularity decline. Nonetheless, there are many other styles of drink bottle to choose from, ranging from glass to stainless
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