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Craft Beer Brewing
Paper Two: Cause and Effect
Fermented beverages have played a part in every civilization. The evolution of fermentation by human hands has been a diverse one. From the first fermented beverage, mead, found in ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Sumerian records to today’s micro-brewed barley-based ales, fermented beverages have seen tremendous growth. Today, micro craft breweries are displacing the competition from big brewers in America (Kain n.p.). The number of craft breweries in America has more than doubled since 2011 due to ease of access to the equipment, and craft breweries are creating thousands of jobs, contributing millions of dollars to the U.S. economy, and providing enthusiasts with a wide variety of beers.
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I spent many weeks researching and reading up on the art of home brewing. After two months, I finally made my purchase of the basic equipment I needed. I spent hours laboring over deciding the type of ingredients to buy, what ratios to use, duration of fermentations, whether to perform a secondary fermentation; all my hard work bore fruit of a recipe that was very enjoyable. It had an aroma of raspberries, a slight hint of raspberries amidst the wheat and a slight bitter note. When I held a tasting of my beer, all the participants enjoyed my creation and had some constructive criticism on how I can improve the recipe. Some asked if I would be brewing more batches and they would like to take some home.
Encouraged by the positive feedback, I have continued to brew beer. I’ve also recently started a collaboration recipe with a local brewery’s head brewer. The networking connections due to craft beer I have made over the past year would not have been possible if craft breweries hadn’t given me and the beer enthusiasts something we could discuss while enjoying a pint of our favorite brews. What started as a simple hobby now has the potential to grow in to something bigger now that I’ve started to collaborate with a local brewery’s head brewer.
Not only has craft beer captured many beer enthusiasts’ interest, it has also led to beer brewing equipment’s readily availability as well as innovation in
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