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This is the story of a twelve year old girl named Craftmatsu Matsuno or Crafty for short. She loved watching the birds fly across the sky. She loved floating peacefully down the river on her homemade raft. But most of all, she loved eating sweets with her parents and her sextuplets older brothers. Crafty was usually happy and peaceful. But even so, she sometimes felt lonely. The Gods of the Galaxy took pity on Crafty. They each created three beings and confined them within star candies. The star candies were made from each god’s favorite constellations and were tossed down into Crafty’s world. The Gods of the Galaxy believed each being would teach something to Crafty. It was up to Crafty to find them. It was a brand new day and Crafty was…show more content…
That was when she noticed something odd. Out of the flower shop, she noticed that someone have put something in one of the flowerpot. Curious, Crafty carefully took the object from the flowerpot. She returned to her favorite spot that was near her house to eat what she believed to be a normal candy. Much to her surprise, the strange candy started glowing and unleashed another human just like Crafty! Except he has bunny ears and a bunny tail! The rabbitboy looked to be the same age as Crafty. His hair is white as snow. He was wearing a salmon colored v-neck sweater with a white turtleneck underneath as well as black jeans and red converse…show more content…
Terrified, Crafty and “OC2” watched Chu from the sidelines! “OC2” couldn’t take it anymore! She had to help Chu! Chu finally slipped out of the donut.. But he was freed a little too late! Without hesitation, “OC2” jumped down the waterfall after Chu! Now Crafty was worried about Chu and “OC2”! “OC2” was still too far from Chu! Suddenly a Loch Ness Monster emerged from the river! Chu and “OC2” fell towards the Loch Ness Monster and landed safely on his back! Crafty sighed in relief. She hopped across the marshmallow cliff to meet up with Chu and “OC2”! The three kids thanked the Loch Ness Monster as Chu and OC2 jumped to shore. The Loch Ness Monster floated down the river slowly and silently, along with a piece of star candy! Crafty and the others ran along-side the river to catch up with the candy! However, the Loch Ness Monster saw the candy as a tasty treat! He sailed down the river with the candy, hoping for a good spot to eat it in! Crafty called out to the Loch Ness Mango, “Please give us the
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