Craig Kielburger's Leadership Analysis

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At the age of 12, Craig Kielburger set out to start a now incredibly successful charity organization – Free the Children. Free the Children has built more than 650 schools in nations such as Ecuador, India and Sierra Leone, has helped 30,000 women become economically self-sufficient through microloans and alternative income programming, and has inspired thousands of youth to take action and make a difference with more than 3,500 Youth in Action groups in schools throughout Canada and the U.S (Rockel). I am one of the youth that has been inspired by Craig’s leadership. His work in rural and isolated communities is a movement that I plan to peruse as well as educate youth to become their own leaders. His actions embodied what a transformational leadership. Transformational leaders want to help their followers and ultimately transform them into leaders themselves. Each year some 350,000 children participate in its speaking tours and leadership training programs and get inspired to take leadership into their own hands (Rockel). As one of those 350, 00 children who once participated in the leadership training programs, I admire Craig’s leadership and how he effectively has influenced many people to make a change and hope to one day created an impact like him.…show more content…
Transformation leadership is shown to be the most successful form of leadership today (Riggio). This can be clearly seen through real world examples such as Craig Kielburger and examples in literature such as Edgar in King Lear. Why are they so successful? They inspire, empower, and stimulate followers but also care about their followers (Riggio). They create purpose and I plan to follow in the footsteps of these leaders and do the same. If your spending 42 years and 11 months doing aimless activities, how do you plan to use the rest of your
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