Craig Sager

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TNT broadcaster Craig Sager wears some of the most flamboyant suits imaginable when he covers NBA games from the sideline. The only person in the world that outdoes him NHL analyst is Don “Grapes” Cherry who sometimes wears white suits with red roses. His suits bring attention, but underneath Sager is a good guy and one of the best sideline reporters in the business. It is one of the reasons the NBA roots for him as he battles acute myeloid leukemia, which has removed him from the sidelines for periods of time. Sager told Bernard Goldberg of HBO’s Real Sports that he is no longer in remission, that he is in “uncharted waters” and that he is ready to continue this two-year fight. Many around the league root for him, including the usually gruff…show more content…
The latest setback won’t entirely sideline Sager. He will continue to travel to Houston for treatment. However, he is scheduled to work games between the Washington Wizards and Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets and the Miami Heat and Bulls. It is likely that players will give him a wink and a few words of encouragement as he goes about his duties. That is the ritual now when Sager walks into the building. He is almost as popular as the athletes he covers. Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul told him “Easter is over” after commenting on one of Sager’s purple suits. In October Popovich welcomed back Sager on live television by saying: “I’ve got to honestly tell you this is the first time I’ve enjoyed doing this ridiculous interview we are required to do because you are here and you are back with us. Welcome back baby.” Popovich then hugged Sager. “Still kicking, still fighting,” Sager said. “I haven’t won the battle. It’s not over yet. But I haven’t lost it, either. There have been some victories and some setbacks, but I still have to fight it. A lot of work to do.” And there are a lot of people rooting for him to keep
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