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Crake’s attempt to control the future of the world by destroying it, leaving his friend Jimmy to tend to the Crakes”. Crake invents the BlyssPluss pill which promises protection from “all known sexually transmitted diseases” …” would provide an unlimited supply of libido” … “and prolonged youth” (Atwood 294). When the BlyssPluss pill is dispersed and consumed it causes an airborne disease of epic proportion which wipes out the entire race of human beings, except for Jimmy and the Crakes, who survive in the air-locked dome called Paradice.
In hindsight, Jimmy realizes that Crake has been playing on Jimmy’s nature to accomplish his goal of global resetting. Crake gave Jimmy clues early on saying, “As a species we’re in deep trouble, worse than anyone is saying” (Atwood 295).
Snyder identifies four areas that Crake pulls Jimmy against his will: “from his recruitment of Jimmy as his second in command, to Oryx’s supposedly clandestine seduction of a sexual liaison with Jimmy, even to the denouement of Oryx’ mercy killing and Crakes
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Snyder does point out that although “Jimmy is a coerced witness and unwitting accomplice to this pivotal scene of love and loss, but he is also its survivor (481). Though Crake pushes Jimmy to kill all he loves, he uses him to carry on his version of perfection to repopulate the known world. Jimmy’s act of killing Crake could also be seen as “an act of murderous altruistism”, as Jimmy may have realized Crake was infected. (Snyder 481).
In Kindred, Octavia Butler’s character Dana is pulled back in time against her will to the 1819 each time her ancestor Rufus is in a life threatening situation. There is no time machine or and no warning of her time travel, save a dizzy feeling and disappearing surroundings. Yet as she rescues her ancestor Rufus, she finds herself in precarious situations on a regular basis because she is an African

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