Crake 's Flaws Of Character And Goals

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Response one; Crake’s Flaws in Character and Goals Crake is undoubtedly skilled and has a tendency to criticize matters in a different manner other than the common way. He is appalled by the traits possessed by humans like him, such as mating patterns, scientific knowledge and art. To him, these are evolutionary mistakes that contribute little to the survival of mankind. As a result of these thoughts he aims at changing humanity by eliminating the traits he deems useless or undesirable. His main goal is to make a different kind of breed that is self sufficient with all the desirable traits in humans, plants and animals. His succeeds in creating this breed but his goals are not achieved. First, the Crakers are not self-sufficient. They are entirely dependent on Jimmy for survival tactics. They are only capable of healing themselves and protecting their territory but they cannot sustain their growth and development. Crake’s flawed character can be blamed for these major faults in the Crakers. He never appreciated the beauty of what he never understood such as art, language and history and therefore seeks to eliminate such attributes without thinking of the consequences. Throughout the novel, Crake is presented as a morally deprived being that does not onside what the society thinks about certain behaviors. He is self driven and only acts according to his will. This is evident in his relations with Jimmy in their younger days (they watched morally questionable content online).

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