Cram Schools Can´t Substitute for the Official Schools

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This phenomenon happens a lot around me. Many good

friends of mine, no matter whether they are good at studying or not, will chose to go to cram schools for

further study. Their goals are to triumph over challenges and difficulties in study and make

higher marks. However, to my surprise, having spent a lot of time and money, they made

lower marks sometimes. They study very hard every time in cram schools, nevertheless,

they feel worn out and always gain results, which are not satisfying. And what is also

unfortunate is that their endeavors are in vain. How ridiculous it is! Cram schools should

be to blame for this.

Attending cram schools too much does harm to a student’s academic achievement

because of its high pressure, high costs, endless boring homework,as well as the students’

lacking creativities and flexibilities.

Firstly, cram school gives its students high pressure. Students who attend cram

schools are supposed to study after study; also, they are expected to study against time in

order to get higher grades. They’re asked by the teachers to strive hard to excel in every

examination, which leaves them no spare time to develop their hobbies. According to an

article called China's Cram School from Hell (Rachel Lu, 2013), a cram…
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