Crane And Drinking Alone Beneath The Moon

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In general, poetry is metrical composition and it uses audible symbol, which called musical sounds. Furthermore, poetry represents a kind of abstract language, also shows symbolism to the others. In China, all of the children need to learn Chinese poetry when they start from primary school, me is one of them, which can be said like that I grew with poem. I fell in love with poetry gradually, which reached its peak during my undergraduate period. Because of I was learning Guqin at that time, one of most ancient Chinese instruments, which needed I well understood poetry. Guqin refers to Chinese culture, for as well as poetry, so if wants to be skilled in it must learn poetry. And later, after I learnt in American, I met western poetry, which is totally different from Chinese poetry, but still let me intoxicated. So the theme of poetry essentially relates a matter of culture. Hart Crane’s Legend and Li Bai’s Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon both express feature moments of silence, even more contemplation. However, the deeper meaning the speakers’ contemplation is different in both poems.
The theme of “silence” is a primary symbol in two poems Legend and Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon. However, each poem expresses the idea of silence
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Hart Crane born on July 21, 1899 in a candy manufacture family in Garrettsville, Ohio. Crane never attended any school, he read and wrote verse by himself. Due to heavy drinking of him, which destroy some friendship with other authors, such as Allen Tate, Katherine Anne Porter and E. E. Cummings. Admire of T. S. Eliot, Crane combined the European Literature and American sensibility of poetry. The Bridge, his representative work, expresses the historical and spiritual significance of America. However, unfortunately and regrettably, Crane suicide in 1932, only thirty-three years
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