Crash : A Powerful Movie

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Crash is a powerful movie that shows how our experiences with others can influence future encounters with others and change our behavior towards different groups of people. All of the characters in Crash come from different races and different social backgrounds and focuses heavily on racism and stereotyping and those subjects are shows from many different angles within the film. Crash addresses racism and the prejudice that people have towards different groups and how such behaviors comes from a place of personal experience with other groups of people. It also shows how racism and stereotyping creates strain and distrust between groups of people, and even if racism does not come from a personal experience it still creates a great amount of distrust that keeps groups from being able to work together to create a world where race is not something that separates us as much as it does. Where I grew up my neighborhood was white, however my class at school was more diverse compared to the neighborhood it was in and even other classes within the school. It was assumed that the kids who were African American or Hispanic were not as academically sucessful as the kids who were white and Asian. Kids who were African American or Hispanic were also more closely criticized for behavioral problems and were more likely to suffer harsher consequences than white or Asian kids. There was not only stereotyping and racism from the school towards the kids, but also from parents towards other
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