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Crash Stereotypes are the organizational factors that virtually shape the way we think in 20th century America. They somehow manage to categorize some of life's most complex matters into nice distinct sections. Classifications and organization, at first glance seem to be useful in distinguishing various aspects of modern life. However, these grouping methods can be very inaccurate, leaving erroneous ideas in the minds of citizens on a global level. Stereotypes, though originating as convenient sorting mechanisms, instead, influence our thinking process. Crash depicts numerous characters and brings them together through carjacking, car accidents and shootings. The movie Crash represents the nature of race relations in America. Most of…show more content…
Daniel is a hard working locksmith and devoted father who finds out that his looks don't guide a lot of his customers to trust him. And then you have Farhad, a Middle Eastern storekeeper who is continually endangered because of the Sept 11 attacks. We then think that all the people that belong to that group act the same (Haggis). The main disagreement and conflict in this movie is not between the film's characters but between the film's content and its structure. Race is a key in this film, and all our beliefs about who people are get twisted and turned though the complicated plot. With each new extra character we find another stereotype, and watch as that prejudice is destroyed as the character builds up. In this film every race is judged based on some general stereotype. The Asians are poor immigrants who are not important, the Mexicans are thieves, the Middle Eastern are terrorists, the white people are certainly racists, and the blacks are the gang bangers, and so on. There is not a single character in the film that is not stereotyped based on his/her country of origin or the color of their skin. Ludicrous, the angry black man who feels all white people were out to get him, justified holding gun to white people's heads and sealing cars because he feels they owe him something. The wealthy white woman also held at gunpoint by Ludicrous

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