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Stage 2 English Communications: Crash Film Study "In the end, everyone is flawed, the racism is inescapable, and the audience feels a twinge of empathy for just about everyone.” Who did you feel most empathy for in this film and why? Support your comments with close reference to the characters, incidents and filmic treatment in your answer. The film, Crash, exemplifies fear as a motivator for human behavior and displays that innately everyone is flawed. Our identities are determined by the choices we make and our reactions to others, regardless of class, ethnicity, culture or language. Through the use of an ironic script, symbolism and effective cinematography, Director, Paul Haggis, encourages us to empathize with characters such…show more content…
As Daniel explains the situation to Farhad, he is the subject of abuse as a consequence of Farhad's poor English skills and his own form of racism. Exceedingly frustrated, Daniel throws the account in a rubbish bin and leaves. Again this displays how Daniel cannot help Farhad, with his door or symbolically his aggravation. Rather than retaliating, Daniel avoids confrontation and walks out. Farhad's intent is made clear later when, after being burgled, he searches through the dumpster before the camera focuses on Daniel's address on the account. A new scene opens with a slow-motion shot of Daniel's van pulling into his driveway in the side-mirror of Farhad's car, suggesting Farhad's pre-meditated revenge. As Farhad alights from his car the shot frames Farhad's gun, as Daniel unpacks his van in the background. This shot is juxtaposed by Lara inside, watching her dad out the window beside their Christmas tree and nativity scene; a further indication of the religious and wholesome nature of the family. The pace of the film slows as Lara dashes from the house screaming "He doesn't have it!" meaning his 'cloak of invincibility'. Just as Lara jumps into his arms, Farhad shoots and the camera cuts to Daniel's distraught face. Later it is revealed she is unharmed as Farhad's own daughter has loaded the gun with blanks. Yet again, instead of abusing Farhad, Daniel simply turns and takes his daughter and distraught wife inside, closing the door and ending the

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