Crash Movie Review

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We take the concept of judging others for granted. If you peak into your past and recall how many times you have assumed the outcome before weighing all the circumstances. There are a large percentage of people that make quick opinions about people, events, and nationalities based on their little knowledge. In our society, assuming is a common problem. The public has a problem of coming to a conclusion based on just the person’s appearance. In your lifetime, you all must have stereotyped a person knowingly or unknowingly. Stereotyping is considered to be a problem because it can lead to a conclusion based merely on a person’s appearance and surroundings. But these aspects should not matter when making an opinion about a person. The movie Crash shows the authenticity of how people negatively stereotype each other’s race and ethnicity. It also shows how people are racist towards each other because of their different race. Stereotypes and mistrust are considered to be barriers that inhibit interracial relationships among people. Crash is a movie that shows acts about racism and stereotypes within the United States. The first scene is the car crash involving Ria, Jennifer Esposito, and an Asian woman who is not fluent in English. The Asian woman pronounces brake light as “blake light.” At the same time, the woman is stereotyped because of her accent and also considered less…

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