Crash Reflection Paper

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Crash Reflection Paper In the movie Crash, they show a lot of different values, myths, rituals, networks, and symbols used by people in the movie. They also show many bias and prejudices other wise known as stereotypes that many people in the world use today. Trust was one of the biggest values I saw throughout in the movie, for example after the two young men drew handguns and carjacked the Cabots' vehicle, they returned home and the wife Jean was still upset, and even though a locksmith was already changing the door locks, she wanted it done again the next day. Jean claimed the locksmith would sell the keys and that they would be robbed again. The locksmith, Daniel, overheard and left the two sets of keys on the kitchen counter as…show more content…
The lieutenant, a black man, tells Hansen that claiming Ryan is a racist will make him look like a bad manager. If Hansen wants to change, he has to claim to have a flatulence problem and needs to ride alone. After Hansen gets into a police unit by himself, the dispatcher makes a fart joke. Also the biggest ritual I saw throughout this movie was that of the statue of St. Christopher the patron saint of travel that caused the death of Peter. When Peter was picked up by the off duty Hansen, Peter began laughing at the St. Christopher statue on the dashboard and reached into his pocket to show his. A nervous Hansen thought it was a gun, then drew his gun and shot him dead. Shocked by what he did, he pushed the dead Peter out of his car on an isolated dark road. The networks involved in this movie kind of shocked me, for example at the chop shop, the owner Lucien tells Anthony and Peter he can't buy the Navigator parts from the stolen Navigator because of the blood stains. Another network that shocked me was that of the DA and Graham, when Flanagan, Rick Cabot's campaign manager talks to Graham. Flanagan brings up details about Graham's missing brother and some criminal charges against him which could be dropped. He also hints at a good job with Cabot if Graham agrees with the story to blame the white cop. Graham reluctantly agrees and
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