Crash: Social Psychology

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Social Psychology In The Movie Crash Film Studies Essay
In life people will come in contact with others, who are from a different background, culture, lifestyle or ethnicity as them, yet still every individual is equal, they’re all humans. As humans, people have the tendency to have their own unique perspectives on the world around them and everything it encounters. Psychologist Gordon Allport (1985), one of the founding fathers of personality psychology, defined social psychology as a discipline in which scientific methods are used in order “to understand and explain how the thought, feeling, and behavior of individuals are influenced by actual, imagined, or implied presence of other human beings” (Cherry).Social psychology involves
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After having his store constantly being robbed Farhad started to become furious. The problem that Farhad had wasn’t that he needed his locks changed but yet he needed to invest in a brand new door and that’s exactly what Daniel tried to explain to him. Instead of taking Daniel’s helpful advice Farhad thought Daniel was trying to “cheat” him because he was an immigrant. Altruism is having an unselfish interest in helping another person (King, 2010, p. 386). Daniel’s displaced altruism in the act of being considerate and trying to explain to Farhad that he needed to buy a new door to protect his store. One’s attitude, our feelings or opinions about people, objects and ideas (King, 2010, p. 381), can affect their behavior. Throughout the movie the attitudes the characters developed towards one another played a significant role in the decisions they made. After being denied medical assistance for his father by an African-American woman, John changed his views for all African-American women. While on duty with his partner Hansen (Ryan Phillippe), John pulled over the Thayers for performing sexual intercourse while operating a motor vehicle. Discrimination is an unjustified negative or harmful action toward a member of a group simply because the person belongs to that group (King, 2010, p. 403). Since his views of African-American women were changed by one woman out of the entire population John took his aggression and frustration out on Christine by sexually harassing her in
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