Cravetv Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…However, in order to continue this success there are several changes that need to be made to CraveTV’s system if we are to overcome competitors. Resources of the company should be allocated to creating better availability to the service for all consumers, stronger advertising campaigns, and the addition of children’s content, while still maintaining our exclusive shows so as to directly attack competitors like Shomi and Netflix. In order to maximize profits, the target segments for CraveTV should be students aged 18-24 as well as young adults aged 25-40. To create maximum revenue for CraveTV, we must focus on the placement and promotion of our service. Currently only Bell TV subscribers have access to our content, to widen our consumer base the service must be accessible to everyone like Shomi and Netflix. The more the service is available, the more potential customers we can reach, thus helping to increase the overall awareness of the product, brand loyalty and profit. Next, more focus and investments must be made on the promotion of the service. Specifically CraveTV has been targeting students by partnering with different universities and using street teams to create…show more content…
It is important that this advantage is kept over the other competitors so that CraveTV is seen independently and unique in this aspect. Specifically considering the target segment of young adults, the more cost efficient the company can be the more desirable it becomes. The more desirable the service becomes the more profit the company generates. Holding exclusive rights to HBO and Showtime shows has helped us to become more desirable while also obtaining specific niche markets, particularly the primary viewers aged 25-40. To further develop the product and the content given on CraveTV it is important to match what Netflix and Shomi have in their entertainment library. It is recommended that more movie titles be added as well as children’s shows so that the company not only holds the same amount of content but more with exclusive access to specific shows against other online streaming services. As young adults are a large portion of the market it is important that we satisfy their needs as well. This can be done by not only creating more content in general, but constantly updating shows and movies to ensure they have cause to continue their subscription to the
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