Crazy Ava': A Short Story

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2015 -- Villa Forenza Senior Apartments
Las Vegas, Nevada

When the EMTs found ‘Crazy Ava’ and placed her on the stretcher, her eyes were dazed and unresponsive. She had been frozen that way for hours, without any discernable awareness of the outside world. Only this time, the EMTs noticed her normally sour expression was replaced with wide open terror, and her mouth was draped half open. Even her limbs were extended in a waxy flexible manner, bent in awkward positions, almost as one bends a warm candle.
Her upstairs neighbor stood nervously answering questions, just outside the door, having contacted the police that morning, once he returned from the casino and saw her lights still on. She hadn’t left her house, or answered
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They had quickly wrestled their arms inside of thick robes and rushed into the cold night air. Now in huddles, clad in terry bathrobes and pajamas, their wattles were still slathered with décolleté creams as they gathered as close to ‘Crazy Ava’s’ front door, as they could. They cocked their heads this way and that. Observing the scene with the vigilance of an old rooster’s eye. Commenting, “Look, look! Her eyes! They look frozen.…show more content…
With a face, as tough as a piece of rawhide, she was well known among jug-earred men with broad faces and aggressive expressions. She was known for slapping the shoulders of pimps with heavy eyelid, hanging out in go-go bars, as she tossed her bets on the craps table, always praying the dice would pay her threefold. Generally, with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Beckoning fornicators with that Zsa “dahling,” breathy voice. Saying, “For you, dear? I geeve you ver-ry dir-rty hot sex.” The licentious dominatrix lifestyle was something she had always enjoyed.
A true sadist at heart, Ava had made her money with a black leather existence. Tethers. Nipple clamps. Spiky, high heeled boots that she ground into the backs of corpulent, married men. These were her tools. She trolled for men who paid extra to hear that heavily accented Soviet Bloc, cold war revilement?
The EMT closed the rear door of the van. Another technician examined Ava's vitals. He signaled the driver and the strobing lights flashed. The siren yelped and wailed and the aid car pulled away.
The old shrews gathered, and in spite of the cold, they couldn't wait to chew that mutton...
“She looked so peaceful,” the obese one said.
“Wasn't she? Like she didn't even know she was
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