"Crazy Face" Van Morrison, Music Review Essay

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"Crazy Face"

The song I chose to review is “Crazy Face” by Van Morrison on the album “His Band and the Street Choir”. The tone color of this song is upbeat and jazzy, not so much inspirational, but laid back and pleasant. The tempo is based around an 8th note signature, mostly displayed by the Hi-hat in what I would classify as allegretto. The instruments involved in this song are; a piano, a standard drum set most likely a five piece with a standard 2 toms maybe 3, bass drum, snare, ride symbol, and a two crash symbols, an acoustic guitar, a banjo, a ukulele, a mandolin, an electric base, an organ, a saxophone, and last of all Van Morrison’s drunken voice. The form of this song is extremely simple yet very interesting and not common
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The bridge is a 45 second saxophone solo. The rest of the instruments play the same verse over and over in harmony, with cymbals and stressed guitar chords on the accent between the verses. All of this is played underneath the saxophone which is practically singing its own improved song, which varies from hitting high notes in the register to low arpeggios in the lower register. The saxophone plays call and response with itself, which leads the listener to believe there are two saxophones, when in reality one saxophone is dueling with itself. During the bridge not only is the saxophone emphasized, but the organ plays the bass line on higher octaves on the same dynamics as the saxophone, so the bridge focuses on the polyphonic relationship between the sax and the organ. After the bridge a sporadic drum fill opens up for the first verse of the song (A) which is repeated just as the first time but more emphasized, especially the vocals. After the verse the chorus follows, almost identical sounding to the first chorus just with more emphasized vocals. The song then ends with an abrupt note, typical for jazzy
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