Crazy History of Gatorade

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“Is it in you?’’ Gatorade Without Gatorade would it is safe to have long hour practices? Gatorade, the history, science, and technology that saved athletes from dehydration.
The history of Gatorade starts in 1965 when University of Florida’s assistant football coach Dwayne Douglas question Florida’s kidney disease specialist Robert Cade about why the players lost so much weight during practices and games, went to the bathroom so little. Cade then directed Florida’s College of Medicine’s renal and electrolytes division. They soon found out that players sweat so much that they didn’t have enough fluid to urinate. Then the research started. Cade and his colleagues took samples of Ten University of Florida freshmen football players. They had some eye-opening results, the player’s electrolytes were completely out of order, their blood sugar was low and their Blood volume was also low. Electrolytes are salts and minerals that can conduct electrical impulses in the human body. Their solution was water with salt in it to replace the salt they were losing in sweat. They gave them sugar to keep their blood sugar up. The first product of Gatorade was so bad none of the scientist could take it. Then Cade’s wife Mary suggested adding lemon juice. It was then when Gatorade was born. There first flavor was lemon lime quickly followed by orange and grape. Gatorade continued fixing their creation in the beginning of the 1966 season. Gatorade began to be the number one drink on the sideline.
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