Crazy Horse And Mount Rushmore

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Tragic as well as heroic events will continue to happen in life that raise certain questions. How do we honor or remember the people who put their lives on the risk for others or other incredible acts of service? A part of continuing on in life is looking at our past and learning from it to progress towards a greater society. We can learn from those who showed bravery or other by looking at tragedy to have our hearts softened. Knowing and remembering important aspects of history is crucial to progression. However, many can question how to do this in the most appropriate meaning to benefit as many people as possible without damaging or offending. Many aspects have to be taken into account including the people affected, the location, and the…show more content…
The history of our country and expanding into new territories can be a touchy subject for many. However, this is a part of the United State’s history that cannot be rewritten. Debates can go on about what was wrong and right, yet in the Black Hills, the carvings of Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore can be found. Including Downes, there is skepticism on the Mount Rushmore monument. Downes shares, “It was bad enough that white men drove the Sioux from hills they still hold sacred; did they have to carve faces all over them too? It's easy to feel affection for Mount Rushmore's strange grandeur, but only if you forget where it is and how it got there.” This point is very valid, considering the very spot this monument is located and the history of people driven out there. When sculptors and designers are wanting to create a piece of work for everyone to look upon, thinking of people’s ancestry is a huge aspect that needs to be deeply considered. Yes, the Black Hills are beautiful and have perfect rock formations for such a piece of art, yet there is some harsh feelings in that area. Although, no matter what an agency wants to show respect to, there will always be someone offended, even in the aspect of people who lived long ago. Mount Rushmore is a beautiful, mesmerizing piece that captures many beholders. When fireworks are shot from behind it on the fourth of July, patriotism is shot through every American’s heart who is lucky enough to witness it. Even though the beauty is mesmerizing, people in the area’s ancestry should always be taken into consideration when placing a

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