Crazy One Research Paper

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They never received a name. Instead, they were watched, judged, and scrutinized for every action they took. When they turned four, they received a nickname based on their behavior. The nickname determined everything – the classes they took, the clothes they wore, how they were rewarded. “Smart One”, “Ambitious One”, and “Analytical One.” “Curious One,” “Mischievous One,” and “Adaptable One”. The luckiest of children were thrown into math classes and science classes; those children would grow to benefit society the most. The headmistress never knew what to do with little Stupid One. The little girl slammed into things standing directly in front of her. She spoke her first word at age 3. She ate bugs off the floor. Puzzled and slightly annoyed, Headmistress remembered asking the young child to point at one object that didn’t belong in a group. In a group of a red tomato, a red firetruck, a red apple, and a green grape, the young girl giggled and pointed at the firetruck with a chubby finger. Exchanging disapproving glancing with the nurse, the headmistress decided to spend extra time with the child, forcing knowledge down her throat in heaps. It did nothing. The academy teachers picked students they wanted to work with. Those students would grow to work in the field chosen for them. The naming ceremony was…show more content…
Her classes were basic. Mornings consisted of breakfast and then pre-algebra. The Basics of English followed, and then dance lessons and a general science course. The teachers called on students with names such as “Silly One,” “Messy One,” “Troubled One,” “Careless One,” “Rude One,” “Moronic One,” and “Superstitious One.” Often scoffed and brushed aside, Stupid One barely had any friends – Moronic One and Superstitious One considered Stupid One a friend, but they seldom talked. Moronic One stuttered and stumbled over his words while Superstitious One grumbled about demons infesting the
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