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Abstract Research Question: A comparative study of how wealth is perceived and interpreted in The Great Gatsby and Crazy Rich Asians Crazy, Rich, Asians by Kevin Kwan and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzGerald are two amazing books which play on stereotypes of every fashion and kind. Through the stereotypes however, it can be agreed that there is much truth – as with most stereotypes. A huge difference between Crazy, Rich, Asians and The Great Gatsby, however, is that both books offer completely different sides to a very similar story – with vastly differing outcomes. The story which the two books so well portray is one of stereotypes and wealth – the story of the rich and their lives in the fast lane. There are, however, underlying differences…show more content…
Traditional Peranakan culture is one that is matriarchal, and nothing in the house – especially marriage or engagement is to proceed without her express approval. The Asian Culture is very different from the Western one in this aspect The Great Gatsby is a classic novel which features wealth as well and is - in my honest opinion – a good example of western culture and speech. Furthermore, The Great Gatsby is a book which emphasises the fact that the main character (Gatsby) does not have known family or a well-documented history. Such a context serves as a perfect foil to the book Crazy, Rich Asians which emphasises the importance of family roots. So, what sets the “media-averse” Asians, the “vulgar” Asians, and the Western wealthy apart? Is it their varying degrees of expenditure or the number of cars they own? I would say no, what sets them apart is the perception and interpretation of their wealth by the society which they are in. Perception and the role of society has always been to be a community, and what a community does – is set certain moral and material standards to which one would aspire to fit perfectly. Society is what defines people’s behaviours and ultimately – the culture of a certain part of the world, be it Western or

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