Creams and Custard Desserts

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Curd Curd is sort of cream made of eggs, sugar, butter and fruit juice, usually citrus juice. The most famous curd is lemon curd, although it can be made of orange, lime or passion fruit. Lemon curd Yield: 300 g Lemon juice 100g Eggs 2 (100 g) Egg yolk 1 (20 g) Sugar 100 g Grated peel of one lemon Butter 20 g • In a stainless bowl combine eggs, yolk, sugar, lemon juice and lemon peel. Mix well. • Put the mixture on bain-marie over simmering water and cook stirring constantly until it thickens. • Strain through a sieve in clean bowl and add butter. • Cover with film and cool. Ganache Ganache is rich cream that basically consists of chocolate and cream (whipping cream or double cream). It can be used for making truffles, as a cream in a cake or as a glaze. Its texture depends on ratio of chocolate and cream. With more cream than chocolate by weight, ganache will be lighter and liquid at room temperature. However, if ganache contains more chocolate than cream, it will be firmer, and in the fridge it will become solid. There are two methods of making ganache: 1. Pour boiling cream over finely chopped chocolate. Set aside for few minutes, and stir well until all the chocolate melts. Be careful not to incorporate air into ganache. 2. Melt chocolate on bain-marie. Warm up cream to approximately 40°C in a few goes pour cream into melted chocolate and stir until the mixture becomes uniform. Butter or oil can be added into ganache to enrich it and to add shine to the

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