Create A Plan

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Creating a Plan With any new idea or project, a team or group wants to start right away, assign duties and tasks and give a thorough report to the powers to be on the success of the project. Similar to diving in head first, safety precautions should be taken into consideration before attempting the project. A successful team needs to set up ground rules, expectations to abide by, set a solid work schedule, set performance targets, and determine strengths and areas of opportunity of each team member and the type of team dynamic or team setting best suited to complete the project. The following paper will follow a team as the team completes a one-year project. The paper will highlight the approach used, how the team stayed focused and…show more content…
His or her role will be to ensure the software program is functional and offers all options as promised above. He or she will report monthly, quarterly and be most involved in face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings once the software program goes “live.” The customer service associate who is closest to the client and renders the most complaints is rather emotional and passionate about his or her position. He or she cares about it making the customer happy. His or her role will be used as a case study during several MOCK go “live” attempts. He or she will report monthly on the ease of use of the program and the data entry portion of the program as mentioned above. The sales associate who promises the world but never asks the right questions, is most concerned about the bottom line and what reports he or she can run to determine total sales, what clients to service and run customer queries. He or she will work closely with customer service to ensure both are on the same page on expectations and delivery. He or she will also work closely with IT to ensure the go “live” reports pull accurate sales information, run customer reports and will link to corporate office for “real time” reporting. He or she will report monthly on the progress of the sale portion of the upgrade, what elements are missing on the report and what extras could be added. The hr associate, although primary role was to maintain cohesiveness during the entire project acted
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