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Create an Innovation ENT-430-O102 06/29/2014 Create an Innovation Innovation is “the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay (, 2014).” In this paper, the identification of an innovation, and plan for implementing the innovation, in the current workplace that I am working for, will be described in full detail. The innovative product that will be introduced to the workplace is called the “Freedom Walker”. How many individuals get tired of sitting down all day at a desk? Another complaint that is heard, quite often within the organizations is, “I am overweight and I do not have the time to make it to the gym.” Well, now…show more content…
Studies support that if one is able to talk while working out, then the intensity of the workout is just right (Reynolds, 2011). Working out in the type of intensity where one is able to still communication properly could improve both health and fitness (Reynolds, 2011). The importance of the innovative idea for which is being developed for the organization is improve one’s health and wellbeing. How can it be possible that a Health insurance company is selling insurance, but have the employees unhealthy and overweight? There is going to be a weekly goal that each individual will write-out for himself or herself when using the Freedom Walker. The organization will have to see some type of improvement in all employees. If, there is no improvement seen within several weeks, then disciplinary action will be enforced. Once there is improvement noticed, that is when the organization will begin to offer incentives. The incentive that will be granted is that the company will pay for half, of each individuals health insurance premium. This could definitely guarantee success, especially now and days that health insurance premiums are so expensive. The impact that this innovative process will have within the organization is going to be drastic. This will not only help the employees but
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