Creating A Coalition : Senator Smith

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COURSE OF ACTION: Creating a Coalition Senator Smith should create an extensive network among interest groups in favor of changing the status quo to bring different sides into an agreement and to create a stronger communication. The biggest allies to the climate change are political appointees, such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and interest group, such as environmentalists, academic professionals, and clean energy industires. While EPA has influence over the decision from the executive branch, most of the allies do not have a direct influence over agenda setting or alternative specification. However, these groups have closer connection to the general public within states and local communities. The problem is that while these interest groups share similar opinions about the need to address the climate change issue, they have different alternative policies that they advocate. The first step is to push up the climate change higher on the agenda, and working together is essential to achieve this goal. The Senator Smith should contact interest groups in each state to find an agreement among different interest group and to create a coalition. Mobilize Grassroots Movement among States with Democratic Platform The members of Congress consist of two types: those who are indifferent to the issue and those who are unwilling to change. The Republicans are unwilling to consider the issue because of partisanship. They oppose the issue as long as the Democrats are
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