Creating A Collaborative Process Among Students

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INTRODUCTION Focus and main aims of the research • The main focus is to create a collaborative process among the students to encourage them in learning and interacting with others. • Keep them enthusiastic about learning, make them energetic. Give a shape to their daily work that they can see the result of their own work. • Create a healthy and joyful environment where they can enjoy and make themselves free. • It is to understand the changes in the behavior of students, how they are reacting in different situations, how they are blending with the class and other students. Necessity of this research • Make a clear and strong educational vision where learning has a special purpose; create a strong setup which will give space for the…show more content…
Interest of students on different categories like book, games, and toys must be recorded. Their approach with different elements must be taken care of. Reading and writing quality in the initial stages and changes in the quality must be noted and analyzed (Cameron, 2009). A description of the scenario on which the research was made This is a place with standard facilities and with good working conditions. The students are here of many ages. The research tries to cover a class 12-13 year’s students. The research has taken care of the issues like their life outside the school impact of newspapers and television in their life. It is also noted how the television, magazines effect on their choices (Toloie-Eshlaghy et al. 2011). RESEARCH APPROACH The approach has been maintained according to the scenario. The ongoing research was done without letting the students know about it because at this age kids tend to be sensitive. They do not like any eyes observing them critically. This was taken into mind while doing the research. Most of the students were from good background, there was no one from deprived background. So, the research was made taking that into mind. As family matters make marks into mind at this age thus the information on their life outside school was also noted (Saunders et al. 2008). Principles of research The students were not treated like objects in this research. Their development and help was the first
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