Creating A Collaborative Process Among Students

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Focus and main aims of the research
• The main focus is to create a collaborative process among the students to encourage them in learning and interacting with others.
• Keep them enthusiastic about learning, make them energetic. Give a shape to their daily work that they can see the result of their own work.
• Create a healthy and joyful environment where they can enjoy and make themselves free.
• It is to understand the changes in the behavior of students, how they are reacting in different situations, how they are blending with the class and other students.
Necessity of this research
• Make a clear and strong educational vision where learning has a special purpose; create a strong setup which will give space for the students to prosper.
• Take note of the strange behaviors, finding out the reasons of those behaviors.
• Providing high quality learning and good experience for all the students.
• Keeping record of all the individuals and finding out their differences. Creating a collaborating method to enhance everyone to participate.
• Note the different reactions in a group task, different views and the way of participation. Their ways of making bond with others must be observed. Individual weaknesses of each and every one must be taken care of.
• A sustaining process must be developed to create a routine for the individuals.
• Select right procedures to interact with students individually. Their view to the class and whole process must be taken care of.…
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