Creating A Comprehensive Mitigation Strategy For The Ukrainian Website

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I am writing to discuss the possible solutions to remedy the serious fraud issues related to the Ukrainian website called In order to tackle this problem correctly and to provide a comprehensive mitigation strategy it is helpful to look at a sound definition at first. After that, I will provide a proposed mitigation strategy and finish with what I hope will be a valuable critique of the chosen methodologies to help put things into prospective.
The website is offering a big catalogue of digital materials (music) to customers whom are typically submitting their credit cards in the payment process to purchase these items online. The actual business transaction between the website and the customer is to our knowledge a legitimate one, it is only after the payment is made where the actual fraud occurs, as the credit card info is passed on to the Russian mafia who collects these info and sells them in lots to other criminals in the black/underground market. This sequence of actions can be aggregated in two main acts of crime, this first one happens by leaking/revealing the credit card information, or failing to protect it at best, and the second one happens when the credit card info is used without the consent of the owner to buy goods illegally. Any successful strategy should address and mitigate both sub crimes which can be discussed legally under the data protection act and online finical fraud legislations respectively[ ][ ].
The most harmful

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