Creating A Culture Of Inclusion

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Diverse Workforce

I think that the article did a good job explaining why creating a culture of inclusion, can help a business attain organizational success. Even though inclusion initiatives can be hard to quantify in a business organization, if they are not properly implemented, the effects will be felt. I totally agree with some of the shortcomings of a lack of inclusiveness, which are high employee turnover, diminished performance levels, disinterest, and negative attitudes. I also agree that the application of human relations principles, help to build a much more cohesive working environment. I believe that when there is inclusiveness, employees are willing to be engaged more, yields collaborative thought and leads to advanced
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Who, what, when and where of diversity are self-explanatory, it’s the why that is crucial, more specifically why diversity of thought is valuable. When a business is able to bring together a plethora of thinkers from different backgrounds, not only will ingenuity and productivity increase, but groupthink will be avoided. All of the best intentions regarding diversity and inclusion will be forgone, if there isn’t applicable metrics to measure the success of their implementation. I think that there has to be a consensus of what the employee’s perception of the climate of diversity and inclusion in their respective work environment. “According to the 2014 Deloitte Consulting Global Human Capital Trends report, only one company in five considers itself fully prepared to address diversity and inclusion in the workforce (Tavakoli, 2015).”
I think in a lot of cases business organizations want to apply diversity and inclusion initiatives, yet they don’t seem to understand how to leverage diverse backgrounds and perspectives to help move the organization forward. I would have to say that being able to strategically apply diversity and inclusion initiatives in a practical work environment, is the missing piece to the puzzle that companies are trying to solve. “Diversity
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