Creating A Diverse And Inclusive Work Environment

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In order for leaders to perform their day to day requirements, they have to deal with the following challenges below that they may need to introduce, theories or appropriate models to identify solutions or put plans in place for future trainings and various situations.

Virtual Organization- Thomas and Turner (2016) describes the term virtual in this sense with roots in the computer industry. According to Thomas and Turner (2016) virtual organization is used to describe a network of independent firms that join together, often temporarily, to produce a service or product. Virtual organization is often associated with such terms as virtual office, virtual teams, and virtual leadership. The ultimate goal of the virtual organization is to provide innovative, high-quality products or services instantaneously in response to customer demands (Thomas and Turner, 2016).
Diversity-Leaders need to know that they have to build accountability into their systems with regard to their managers taking responsibility for creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Diversity initiatives can have important and interesting social justice benefits, but the real reason leaders pursue diversity programs is for innovation. Hilton Worldwide has any hotels and resorts across the globe with many background and variety of culture, and also has many guest travelling of same diversity. According to Thomas and Turner (2016) diversity should also be one of the lenses through which managers look at
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