Creating A Full Fledged Website For Matrimony

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The commercial scope involved in developing and implementing the project matrimony site. The main aim of this project is creating a full-fledged website for matrimony. This project involves viewing the details of bride, bridegroom or both. The user can just browse the site and can submit their details by registering him/herself as a valid user. They can upload their profiles without any cost. This website gives a colorful life and make you forget past and you can have a good path through this is matrimony site. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose Matrimony websites have revolutionized the Indian Marriage System gives birth to an internet marriage era. Now a days, large number of people are depending on popular matrimonial sites to find the probable bride/groom. Matrimonial portals will not only prove beneficial for early marriages and second marriages, but also for the people who take enough of time in selecting their soul mate according to their wish, which results in delay marriages. Matrimonial sites are growing, tying overdue matrimonial join in India. Knowing the word matrimonial sites, one can depend on the web resources and get over with their opinions. 1.2. Scope • Matrimony sites are usually available 24/7, and many customers have Internet access both at work and at home. • Browsing an online matches can be easier and quicker than browsing the aisles of a physical contact. • Some customers prefer interacting with people rather than computers because they

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