Creating A Good Product Strategy And Investing On Delivering High Quality And Consistent Output

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Competing in a DataConomy world
For most companies, competing is not a matter of just creating a good product strategy and investing on delivering high quality and consistent output: to successfully satisfy customers (internal or external), gain market share, increase profitability and grow the stakeholders value, companies need to unleash the power of each data point that is collected or affects the Supply Chain, the Market and the Resource Providers among other environmental players. Most companies understand the value of information and constantly call out the saying “Knowledge is power”; however, efforts normally stop on getting few transactional reports and a handful of scorecards without truly creating an organizational culture …show more content…

The success of Microsoft strategy has allowed the company to constantly increase its market share, shareholders value and, ultimately, its growth in this competitive environment. However, Microsoft is not alone; similar giants such Google and Amazon constantly delivers new products in the BI space. This market dynamic has created in the last years a culture of BI that is only possible by the advances in technology, analytics frameworks and fierce competition.
There is no doubt on the existing capabilities to consume data, transform it into insights and distribute it among the relevant business processes within the organization. Microsoft, Google and Amazon had created powerful tools to help organizations and teams to achieve what Davenport and Harris (2007) called Analytical Competitors, the highest level of the Five Stages of Analytical Competition.
Subsequently, the topic to elaborate in this white paper is not about the existence of Business Intelligence capabilities or the access of Microsoft to them, but the usage of such capabilities within the numerous teams and business processes within Microsoft.

Usage of Analytics as a competitive strength for Microsoft
Thanks to its line of businesses, Microsoft has a privileged position to compete on analytics: the company creates the products adopted by many other organizations to compete on analytics, to have access to vast amounts of data, to understand how to store,

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