Creating A Marketing Plan For Mba Capstone

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1. The major project for this course is creating a marketing plan. Provide company name, a description and URL, if available. You need to either select a small company or small non-profit that is already in business; however, if you work for a large company and would like to focus on that then concentrate on one small part; for example: your department. This project will become part of your portfolio created in the MBA Capstone course so create it for something that can be shared (with whom you choose to share it with). For example: if you create a plan for your department and are sharing confidential information you won’t want to use it later in the Capstone class. Live on Grades – A startup nonprofit organization that I am greatly involved with. My involvement is more technology sector in particular its website. Live on Grades was established 2 years ago and we are still looking to hire volunteers who can help us take the company to the next level. So far we had two fundraising events collecting over $3,000 and we have two more event by the end of this year. The goal of Live on Grades is to assist undergrad students earn their degrees by providing financial aid for every grade of A that the student earns. The website is 2. If consumers are being deluged by sensory over stimulation, what can a marketer do to cut through the clutter? We all show immediate response to any basic stimuli such as color, sound, smell, touch, or taste. Marketers use visual
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