Creating A More Effective Foster Care System Essay

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Makenna attends a Sunday school in a rural community. She finds herself befriending another child, named Stacey, and they really enjoy playing together. Stacey had just moved into her small town about three months ago and recently told Makenna that she would be leaving the town at the end of the week to go to a new family. This child, Stacey, is a foster child who was taken from her home because of her unstable family circumstances. However, Stacey has been jumping from home to home because the foster care provider has not been able to offer a stable foster care family.
Situations like the one mentioned above happen all too often in the State of Nebraska. Although the state has tried to provide solutions to benefit the Foster Care System, they have not been proven to be successful.
The purpose of my proposal is to create a more effective foster care system by establishing a committee to directly oversee private institutions that the State of Nebraska hires for child services. Creating an oversight committee, selecting contractors by quality of service, and expanding the DHHS budget will allow for more accountability with the partnership and ultimately a more efficient program.
Deeper Insight to the Problem Any sane person would be wondering why the state decided to go with a plan that would not work. However, it is important note that Nebraska originally thought that this plan would improve the previous state by allowing for more efficiency (Coles). In theory,
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