Creating A More Secure Business Environment

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When you have a website you need the best Website security because you don’t want to hear these words “your website is down” “Data is lost” all because a hacker corrupted the website. The nightmare happens all too often with hackers in this day and age because it seems like everything gets hacked. Having a website hacked can mean loss of sales especially when it’s with an online grocery store. The business world is increasingly dependent on technology to supply information and communications facilities to staff, partners, and customers. Securing organizational information and the systems that are used to manage and transmit data has become a high profile function. Failure to secure information can have a severe impact on business…show more content…
Introduction to this plan would be to make sure everything is going according to plan and that the security is carried out on how it should be with no problems. Website security plan would be according to the federal communications commission would be establish security roles and responsibilities: One of the most effective and least expensive means of preventing serious cyber security incidents is to establish a policy that clearly defines the separation of roles and responsibilities with regard to systems and the information they contain. Many systems are designed to provide for strong Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), but this tool is of little use without well-defined procedures and policies to govern the assignment of roles and their associated constraints. Establish an internet usage policy: The limits on employee Internet usage in the workplace vary widely from business to business. Your guidelines should allow employees the maximum degree of freedom they require to be productive (short breaks to surf the web or perform personal tasks online have been shown to increase productivity). Establish a social media policy: Social networking applications present a number of risks that are difficult to address using technical or procedural solutions. A strong social media policy is crucial for any business that seeks to use social networking to promote its activities and communicate with its customers. Identify potential
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