Creating A New Cyber Force

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1. Today, there is a new battlefield domain where a keyboard and mouse are the new weapons of conflict. With land, sea, air and space in the background, warfare has entered a fifth domain: cyber. In this position paper, using a pro and con format, the debate on whether or not the Department of Defense (DoD) should create a new, independent branch for cyber will be discussed. To do this, the following will examine both sides of debate by highlighting two main points: the elimination of duplication of effort and the intensive resources required to make the transition. Finally, a look into a larger talent pool will be explored to highlight the largest benefit of creating a new Cyber Force. It is this paper’s stance that the DoD should create a separate structure in order to meet the new domain’s unique demands.

2. To better understand this topic, a brief background on cyber warrants a closer look. President Obama concluded as early as 2009 that the nation’s digital infrastructure of networks and computers that we depend on should be treated as a strategic national asset.1 With the former head of security at Microsoft acting as the cybersecurity tsar for the White House and General Keith Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), leading Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), the protection of the nation’s infrastructure is finally being treated like a national security priority.2 This shift brings with it a debate on how to structure the US assets to realize its…
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