Creating A Positive And Productive Classroom Environment

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INTRODUCTION Creating a positive, productive classroom environment can be really hard, especially for new teachers. Without good behavior management, students cannot learn to their full potential. When I have a classroom of my own, I will have several behavior goals for my students. I want to set up a classroom contract that lists all of the classroom expectations and one of my main goals is to have students follow this contract. I also want my students to respect one another and me and take ownership of their behaviors. Another behavior goal is to have my students focus on their own work and to not disturb the other students who are learning. No matter what grade I teach, another goal of mine is to have my students behave, even when I…show more content…
I want my students to have a huge role when it comes to deciding which expectations we should put in the contract and also in other decision-making situations (Kohn). I feel that it is important to create a classroom contract that the students help create because they are more likely to follow the expectations if they helped make them up. Creating a physical classroom contract that I can hang up in the classroom will also be a great reminder for students throughout the year. I think following the Golden Rule (Coloroso) will also be an effective management technique because students will know that they should respect one another and that if they are respectful to me, I will be just as respectful to them. This also allows me to be a role model for my students by showing them how to behave properly in the classroom without creating distractions. For example, I plan on using quiet voice when talking to students individually, respecting their personal space, and speaking kindly and respectfully to my students. When it comes to leadership, I want my students to know that I am in charge, but not be an authoritarian (Canter). I want my students to know that I will be strict about following the classroom expectations, but also that I care about them and that they come to me when they are having problems or just need someone to talk to. I want my students to understand that I am their teacher first and their friend second. I want to show them compassion
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